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Enliven Animation Film Festival: A Celebration of Creativity and Innovation

The Enliven Animation Film Festival, held on February 20th and 21st at St. Joseph College of Communication, was a vibrant two-day event brimming with creativity and innovation. From captivating film screenings to exciting competitions and insightful talks, the festival attracted a diverse audience of animation enthusiasts, industry professionals, and students. The event kicked off with the screening of "Story of a Beginning," setting the tone for a world-class showcase of animation films. Special guests, including renowned director and writer Balaram J and acclaimed illustrator-animator K P Muralidharan, further enriched the experience by offering insights into their creative processes. Beyond screenings, Enliven offered a variety of engaging activities. The Enliven 2024 Face Painting Competition unleashed imaginations, while captivating performances like electrifying dance routines and mesmerizing cultural showcases like Tholpavakoothu and Chakyarkuthu enthralled the audience. Interactive sessions with industry experts like Mr. Felix Devasia and Mr. Jean Sebastian provided valuable knowledge, while the Comic Strip Competition offered a platform for aspiring artists. Even first-year VFX and VA students showcased their talent with a stunning dance performance, leaving a lasting impression. Living up to its name – thoughtfully chosen by faculty member Tissa Kuncheria – the Enliven Animation Film Festival truly breathed new life into the animation community. It was a resounding success, fostering a renewed sense of inspiration and excitement for the limitless possibilities of animation and design. As attendees departed, they carried with them the magic of captivating visuals, enchanting performances, and a spirit of creative exploration.