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Clubs and Cells

Several clubs have been formed to give students the opportunity to fine-tune and utilize their talents and interests.

Dance Club

The club provides opportunities to dance lovers to prove their talent and is a good platform for them to have their artistic exploration. This club plays an important role in maintaining the positive environment in the college. Students will be able to cooperatively work in groups to create or replicate dances. Students will be able to collaborate in the creative and physical process through leadership, participation and reflection. The college dance team is “Xception” which has produced various scintillating performances.

Music Club

The Music Club aims at providing a chance for students to enhance their knowledge and appreciate the various genres in music. It also aims to provide opportunities to students with musical talents to perform. Further, the students are trained and guided for participating in inter collegiate competitions. The college also has its own music band named “Unplugged” which has performed in various events both inside and outside the college.

Drama Club

Drama Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of the theater. This includes learning- stage terminology, working on acting skills, set costumes/makeup design. Drama Club is open to all students. The drama club recently gave a stunning performance for Melange 2022. Our performance also received an A grade in the MG University Youth Festival 2020.

Film Club

Film clubs provide young people with a rare opportunity to be part of something fun, creative and sociable. Film Club is centered on watching quality films and having discussions following the movie. Movies selected are always award winning, with a critical acclaim. The discussions centre around story, symbolism, cinematography, and presentation.

Nature Club

Nature Club of the college is a voluntary student organization for the collection and circulation of the facts and knowledge about nature and natural resources, to develop students as nature-lovers and conservationists, and to propagate the spirit of nature conservancy among the public. Members are actively involved in preserving the campus ecosphere and promoting an eco-friendly way of life through creating awareness inside and outside the campus.

Arts Club

The Arts Club is a place for artists to hone in on their skills, develop their techniques and portfolios, collaborate with other artists like themselves, create bonds with the community through the arts, and learn how to work together that will beautify the college and the community. The club fosters a sense of camaraderie for fellow art students so that they can support each other in their artistic pursuits. The students also get the opportunity to showcase their skills in the various competitions and events conducted by the college.

Social Service Club

The Social Service Club of SJCC is a volunteer service organization which serves the needs of our college and community. The cornerstone of the community service Club is service leadership, which is a concept of leading by example and empowering others to achieve their full potential. Various visits to orphanages and old age homes are conducted as part of the club activities. The club encourages an atmosphere of teamwork in which every voice counts, engages group members into effective communication methods, and challenges its members to examine their skills and discover their leadership talents.

Yoga Club

Yoga is the journey of the self through the self to the self. One cannot control what goes on outside, but can always control what goes on inside. To keep the young minds at peace and to facilitate the recognition and realization of the self the college maintains the Yoga Club. The club conducts regular yoga classes for students and teachers for their spiritual rejuvenation and inspired living. The Yoga Club promotes health and fitness in the college through Yoga. The club members associate and practice Yoga and promote a healthy lifestyle among students.

Placement Cell

The placement cell is formed to support the students with the job hunt and job skill-related training. The placement cell organizes placement drives and arranges placement-oriented soft skill training for selected students. The cell also circulates placement-related notifications. The cell may help the students with internships when they request.

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Women’s Cell

All the women students and teaching staff are part of the women’s cell in the college. The cell is to make sure that the campus is women-friendly and ensure the welfare of women on the campus. The Women’s cell shall meet every month to discuss and analyze how far the campus is women-friendly.

International Affairs Cell (IAC)

The International Affairs Committee (IAC) supports international collaboration related to academic activities and international students. It collaborates with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and research committee to organize joint seminars and projects.

Skill Development Cell

The Placement Officer is in charge of the soft skill training and development of the students. The staff secretary, PRO and two staff members will also be members of the Skill Development Cell.

Anti Drug Cell

Anti-drug cell in SJCC is formed to spread awareness among the students in the college regarding alcohol and substance abuse. Various awareness programmes are organized to enlighten students.

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Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry team is in charge of Catholic youth-student movements Jesus Youth and CSM. The campus ministry arranges yearly retreats, Holy Mass on Fridays & regular confessions for the students.