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  • National Reading Day Celebrated

    • 19 Jun 2023

    St. Joseph College of Communication, Changanassery, celebrated Vayana Dinam, also known as National Reading Day, on June 19, 2023, with great zeal and enthusiasm. The event aimed to instill a love for reading and foster a culture of knowledge acquisition among the students and faculty. The college campus came alive with vibrant decorations as a striking poster on National Reading Day adorned the college entrance and Media Studies Department. The poster served as a visual reminder to embrace the joys of reading and harness the power of books. During the lunch break at 12:30 PM, the college echoed with an enlightening audio clip on the 'Importance of Reading' broadcasted by Radio Media Village. One of the main highlights of the event was the creation of a heartwarming video featuring students and teachers sharing their personal thoughts and experiences about reading. Collaborating with Media Village Television (MVTV) To recognise and appreciate the most avid readers in the college community, Radio Media Village aired a special byte featuring Anirudh, an outstanding MA Cinema and Television student who earned the title of the top user of the SJCC library. Additionally, Thomas Murikaty,renowned for his unwavering commitment to the Kannanchira Public Library, was also honoured during the 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM show. In a gesture of admiration, the college, along with Radio Media Village, felicitated Anirudh, MA student and Thomas Murikaty at the college library and his residence, respectively. In addition to the acknowledgment, SJCC college, in collaboration with MVTV, conducted a Book Review Competition, which received an overwhelming response from enthusiastic participants. Students enthusiastically recited their insightful book reviews, showcasing their passion for literature and critical analysis skills. The winners were rewarded with exciting prizes sponsored by the generous support of the St. Joseph Orphanage Book Stall.

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