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Sankaramangalam Lectures

The college hosts the Shankaramangalam Lecture Series every year. It is titled after Mr. John Sankaramankalam, an Indian filmmaker and the college's founding principal. The ceremony honours his achievements in the film industry and educational field. The lecture series serves as a forum for speakers to engage with the college's students and impart their wisdom. It seeks to introduce students to the most recent trends and advancements in the sector by covering a broad variety of subjects linked to media, communication, and the film industry. The lecture Series has featured a number of distinguished speakers throughout the years, including renowned filmmakers, media figures, and thought leaders. This year, famous filmmakers Krishnand R K and Sreedevi P Aravind were the speakers. The Shankaramangalam Lecture Series pays respect to Mr. John Sankaramankalam's legacy and his dedication to both education and film. For anybody interested in the world of media and film, the series continues to serve as a forum for knowledge exchange and interaction.