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  • SJCC Honours its Rank Holders

    • 23 Mar 2021

    Students of SJCC once again proved their mettle by grabbing most of the ranks for media programmes in Mahatma Gandhi University Kottayam in 2020. All the rank holders were honoured in a meeting held on the campus on 15 March 2021. Ms Amalu Sreerang who won the Kalathilakam title in the University Youth Festival 2020 was awarded a gold medal for her great achievement. Pishon S Fernandez and Joyal Mathew were also given gold medals for their outstanding performance. The following are SJCC students who won the University Ranks in 2020. Congratulations to all of them. 1 Nithin Presennen BA Multimedia 2 nd Rank, 2 Jaffy Shaji BA Visual Arts 1 st Rank, 3 Justin Skariah BA Visual Arts 2 nd Rank, 4 Abin A A BA Animation & Visual Effects 1 st Rank, 5 Charley Angel Prasad BA Animation & Visual Effects 2 nd Rank, 6 Prashanth V P BA Animation & Visual Effects 3 rd Rank, 7 Joseph Mathew BA Audiography & Digital Editing 1 st Rank, 8 Allen Cijom BA Audiography & Digital Editing 2 nd Rank, 9 Jacquiline S George BA Audiography & Digital Editing 3 rd Rank, 10 Dawn B Johns BA Visual Communication 1 st Rank, 11 Deepika V J BA Visual Communication 2 nd Rank, 12 Navami G Nair BA Visual Communication 3 rd Rank, 13 Fr. Laiju L MA Cinema & Television 1 st Rank, 14 Devadeth V MA Cinema & Television 2 nd Rank, 15 Ashwin Paul MA Cinema & Television 3 rd Rank, 16 Jishnu K Mohan MA Animation 1 st Rank

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