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Greetings to all of you from SJCC,
The world has come to a standstill as we are battling the Coronavirus pandemic that has struck all the major countries of the globe. Kerala is under lockdown and educational institutions have been closed down since early March.

The government authorities are taking stringent measures to keep us safe from this virus which is taking away precious lives. During these times we must take an effort to support the hard work of the government and the medical workers. We must also protect ourselves with preventive measures like washing hands, social distancing and keeping ourselves at home.

This lockdown and summer vacation is the time that we, as students, teachers and academicians must utilize in a productive and creative manner. Much of our classes are pending and examinations are yet to be conducted, it is very important that students do not lose focus on their studies. They must revise and renew their subjects and prepare themselves efficiently for the examinations. Many of the practical subjects will have projects, which can be completed during this time. The extra time permits us to perfect them.

This interval can also be utilized to learn from online tutorials, especially learning different software that are pertinent to your subject and field of study. Students and teachers are also encouraged to do some serious reading which will enlighten and engage them during these difficult times. This is the time for students to pursue their interests in product photography, retouching, video editing etc.

Students and teachers are also urged to find their passions and hobbies like listening to music, painting, drawing, script writing, writing storyboard, editing etc.

These are also the times when we can turn around to nature, setting up kitchen gardens, cultivating in grow bags and designing your home and surroundings which will help recreate nature through art.

Keep your environment clean and healthy, take up productive activities that can bring and bond the family together. Engage in cleaning activities with your family, play games that can lift up everybodys mood and spirit.

On a personal level, keep a routine, take up activities like Yoga and meditation, do spiritual reading and keep your faith in the eternal powers of God.

This is a break from our busy schedules and a spell for contemplation and thought. Enhance your thinking skills with your knowledge, experience and observation to think out of the box.

This is also a period when we must look at our fellow human beings with empathy and love. Remember those affected by Covid -19 in our prayers. Our hearts must go out to those who are suffering the lockdown and fighting to make both ends meet. Kindly care to extend your help to them in all possible ways.

Let us hope that these dark times will pass soon and we will be back to our normal lives by next month. Let us pray for the recovery of the world around us and may the mercy and peace of God shower upon us.

Our love and Regards to everyone at home. Keep safe. Take care. Stay at home.

Fr. Dr. Joseph Parackal
Principal SJCC