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Radio Media Village 90.8

Radio Media Village 90.8 FM CR

Radio Media Village 90.8 FM licensed by the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, a flagship concern of St Joseph College of Communication, is the first FM Community Radio Service in Kottayam district in the state of Kerala. Its aim is to give voice to the voiceless by involving the members of the community.

It provides opportunities for students of SJCC to work and gain experience while they study. Moreover, many multimedia students do their project works in the radio. Thus by being in close contact with the radio the students get a first-hand experience of conceiving, recording, editing, mixing and telecasting a radio programme.

Awards from Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India

  • ▶  2013 Community Engagement Category First Prize
  • ▶  2014 Sustainability Model Category First Prize
  • ▶  2015 Thematic Category Second Prize
  • ▶  2018 Most Creative/Innovative Category Second Prize
  • ▶  2019 Sustainability Category Second Prize
  • ▶  2019 Promoting Local Culture Category Third Prize