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    College can be a stressful time for a lot of students. Effective stress management in young people goes a long way in their success. The benefits of counseling for college students include enhancement of their listening and social skills as well as empathy towards others. They will learn to express emotions (i.e. anger, frustration, fear) through a healthy way, plus they get to improve their decision-making skills. The benefits of counseling in general also include reliable social support from forming healthy peer relationships.

    Counseling sessions are held by professional counselors every day within the campus itself. It is made sure that each student gets a session every semester. Counselors help identify the problems of the students and help overcome them. These sessions motivate and accompany the students in their path of realizing their dreams.

    How Counseling Helps

    Here are more amazing ways in how counseling helps:

    1) It clarifies a problem
    2) It helps students cope with depression and anxieties
    3) It builds self-confidence in young people
    4) It opens up their perspective to explore opportunities (and find a chance) for change
    5) It helps them see more options and make better decisions with these options
    6) One of the advantages of seeing a counselor is that students improve personal skills
    7) Another way of how counseling helps is in the area of managing anxiety and pressure (especially when there are college projects, deadlines, exams, and financial constraints)

    Ms. Aleesha Alphonse George
    Professional Counselor
    Mob: 9447842700

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