MA Multimedia |  MA Animation | MA Graphic Design | MA Print and Electronic Journalism | MA Cinema and Television

The scope of Graphic Design has expanded in recent years, and advances in communication technology have offered a host of new possibilities to the designer. The course aims to develop analytical skills and critical judgment enabling the student for technological and/or aesthetic innovations in the subject of Communication Design.


The course aims to strike a balance between project work, which will develop the student\'s ability to operate as a professional designer, and opportunity and encouragement to do research and develop one\'s own interests. The first-year curriculum consists of design and technical courses in which research and studio projects are examined and discussed. The second year is dedicated to developing a working knowledge of real-world communication design projects. The major thesis project in the fourth semester enables the student to gain working knowledge on all aspects of a design project.

The Master's program in Graphic Design begins with the study of design history, theory and traditional design skills, then progresses to current graphic design practices and technology. Graduates are prepared for a wide range of careers in the industry. The program seeks to develop designers with strong aesthetic and analytical skills capable of solving real-world communication design problems, integrating a command of visual language with imagination, theory and technology.