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Animation is moving from the margins of the media industries toward a ubiquitous role in every moving-image medium, from animated effects in live-action filmmaking to immersive animated worlds in video games. Computer animation is probably the most successful application of digital technology in the creative arts. It complements the work of traditional animators by providing an exciting, flexible medium for undertaking more ambitious and imaginative animated films. It has revolutionized the world of special effects in films and has created a totally new leisure activity - computer games.


Post Graduate of the curriculum shall possess the ability to operate successfully in the specialty of animation as scriptwriter, artist or director, the skill to operate as member and/or head of creative team of animation studio, the skill to orient and operate in academic research related to animation, the comprehension of developments and trends in global animation, their reasons and relations, as well as skill to place him/herself and own creation into correct background system, the skill to understand and communicate with operating mechanisms of international film and art world.

The course is oriented towards the creation of graduates with a combination of artistic sensibilities, problem solving and technical skills. Main objective of MA curriculum in ANIMATION is to educate internationally successful creators of animated films possessing theoretical knowledge and practical skills, thereby contributing to global development of animation as an art form. The Animation pathway seeks to explore and develop creative and critical practices within the Animation field.