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A basic course in Multimedia is the initial step towards a formal and graded approach for a satisfying profession in various Media like Videography, Animation, Journalism, Advertising, Electronic Editing and ultimately the Cinema Industry. A plus two student, who is a total stranger to the above professions, should at the Degree level itself undertake a voyage of discovery, so that he/she would be able to assess his/her own potential for the above mentioned professions. The Syllabus for the B.A Multimedia makes a genuine effort to invest the students with the multifaceted aspects of multimedia.


By dissecting Multimedia on a single platform, the student gains the insight into the inter-dependability of the various media. The thrust of this course is on subjects like Journalism, Audiography, Computer Application and Animation, Television, Cinema and Video Production. Adequate emphasis is laid on Acting which is an essential vehicle for Communication. The candidates become eligible for a Degree after six-semesters of study, spanning over a period of 3 years and successful completion of the Examination.

Developing the academic scheme for training in Multimedia would invite the need to integrate the various topics that are the important ingredients for such a course of study. Expounding the various theoretical concepts would naturally broaden the level of comprehension during the practical sessions. The student gains an opportunity to formulate independent conclusions that will eventually get reflected in his/her year ending projects. The expected result is not based on spoon-feeding, but on one's own creative and intellectual applications.